The first job candidate of the week . . .

The first job candidate of the week made it in last night – we’ll see if he can fly out on schedule tomorrow evening. The problem with flying out of Rochester or Syracuse in the winter time isn’t ROC or SYR – they know how to deal with winter up here. It’s getting the equipment out of, say, Philadelphia, NYC, or Chicago during a big winter event. I’m so used to de-icing now that the extra 20 minutes on the ground after we pull away from the gate doesn’t even surprise me.

Coffee time

My sister et al. gave me a new Cuisinart coffee machine for Christmas. Since the previous machine died early in the summer, I’ve been using a free-standing burr grinder and a french press. All in all (including parts washing) they take about the same amount of time from start to first cup – but the cuisinart does make more! Yay for that!

Once again in the thick of the job season – but this time is it a mistake?

The second of four candidates for a tenure track studio position is here today, and a lot of other departments are going through the same procedure (I walked past a restaurant the other night and saw two tables of colleagues with candidates).

I worry about this year’s hires – and about the due date next week for position requests for NEXT year’s searches.

See – we’re in the middle of a curriculum revision. But the HIRING procedure is pretending that nothing will change. Maybe nothing will – this has not been an inspiring process and there doesn’t seem to be much passion in the discussions. Still, it’s a mistake to recruit a couple of entering classes purely into departmental major and minor curricula and not use at least a year’s worth of hires to provide some ooomph for the next thing.

If I were provost I might have declared this a Two Year Position Only year and put a hold on next year’s requests, promising a round of position requests over the summer to meet whatever new needs show up in the curriculum we vote on in March.

But I’m not provost!

OMG – just came across a video I’ve been missing.

I kept looking for this – and suddenly, here it is! 1984, Rickie Lee Jones, The Real End. It’s not quite how I remember it, but it’s still marvelous.

I was remembering it as a single long shot – I didn’t remember how many cuts there are. Still a great example of a moving-down-the-street video. And what a voice! I saw Jones once live in Atlanta – was it at Chastain? Sounds likely!

further: I think she was partnered with Lyle Lovett the first time I saw him? The Large Band tour was without anyone else, I think.