Let’s run this college like a business!

Here’s what happens when you run a start-up college like a start up business – Tom Monaghan’s pet board fires Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., from Ave Maria University – and asks him to clear his desk and leave campus the same day. Don’t these people understand the ‘not in front of the children’ principle? Traumatic personnel decisions (as opposed to firing embezzlers) are best left for June, July, and August. Instead, they do it during the month between sending out admissions offers and the due date for deposits for the fall. And if they don’t believe that parents notice this kind of thing? With a current enrollment around 100 I don’t expect Ave Maria to have a bulging 1st year class of 2011.
The law school furore was not a good sign. I like this entirely non-Catholic-blogsphere coverage.
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