I am so happy!

My laptop life is much improved! I was having all kinds of weirdness. Opening any application was very, very slow. Preview was barely working. If I tried to open a stack of photos (for instance, to choose which to delete and which to upload to Flickr) one photo would open and then the application would cease responding (Apple talk for freezing). Chrome and Safari would both randomly crash. The final blow – Disk Utility wouldn’t run Repair Disk Permissions. Or, rather, it looked like it started, but never actually did anything.

Finally, I stopped by campus I.T. They booted by laptop from an external drive (a thumb drive – isn’t progress amazing?), ran Repair Disk Permissions, and decided that the problem was the antivirus software they installed back in December when my hard drive had to be replaced and re-imaged.

Now everything is back to snappy and I’m much happier! Thanks, Wayne!

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