My course material in the news…

A previously unknown Constantinian basilica has recently been excavated in Sofia, Bulgaria. No meaningful photos at link. If I hadn’t already made and distributed the take-home final I would turn this into a question for Arth 270: Art and Architecture of the First Christian Millennium. Something like:

The deputy mayor would like the discovery of this substantial basilica to mean that Serdica (Roman Sofia, Bulgaria) was in the running with Byzantion to be Constantine’s Nova Roma. Examining our list of the buildings Constantine did build while turning Byzantion into Constantinopolis (and don’t forget the walls!), evaluate this claim.

Oh well, lucky them!

2 thoughts on “My course material in the news…

  1. No multiple choice?!

    That is brutal. Guess that’s why the Lord has provided some of us with menial work.

    Your students are lucky to have someone that is on top of it as you are.

    God bless you!

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