Some crab meat with that?

I am feeling very sinussey today – it’s the temperature swings, I figure – and I happen to be between Netflix movies, so I hit on Deadliest Catch on tv. Gosh. I’ll never eat crab meat in quite the same way again! And who knew what a large percentage of commercial fishemen in Alaska were Vikings? Or Scandinavians, at least, going on their names.

2 thoughts on “Some crab meat with that?

  1. One of my favorite shows! I’ve been watching since the beginning and have consistently been fascinated and appalled that someone would choose that way of life. Yes, there are lots of Scandanavians in the business, Norwegians I think. By watching you are putting yourself in harms way for an hour each week. Sometimes I’m mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the hour. There’s an interested book about the first missionaries who went to live in the far reaches of Alaska. It’s called, “In a Far Country” by John Taliaferro. It’s an amazing, harrowing tale.
    There I go again, leaving a novella in your comments section.

  2. We scanda-who-vians like the cold, intemperate places and the challenge of confronting the Ice Gods. Putting your life on the line isn’t for the crabs, though, but for making a living for your family. Tough life. Tough people.

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