Book list for Layers of Rome

A commenter asked for the book list – and I realized that I hadn’t put one up! I thought I had done so back in December when we were packing to come to Rome. Here it is below.
Next time I’ll bit the bullet and use Krautheimer for the second half – it’s back in print and it’s not expensive. It’s a fun book, but not really organized in a way that I find useful. The reproductions are not very well-produced, either. Claridge is a great thing for my class – readable, filled with information but not too full, and lots of good drawings instead of bad photos. The maps could use some work.
Claridge, Amanda. Rome: An Oxford Archaeological Guide Oxford University Press, USA, 1998. [great book!]
Any textbook of Roman Art:
Wheeler, Mortimer. Roman Art and Architecture. Thames & Hudson, 1985. [most of them bought this – very inexpensive]
Ramage & Ramage, Roman Art

Kleiner, Fred, A History of Roman Art [I had used this recently as the textbook for a course – one student had taken the course and had this book – very useful but quite expensive.]
– – – – – –
Mathews, Thomas F. The Clash of Gods: A Reinterpretation of Early Christian Art. Princeton University Press; Rev edition, 1999.
ANY edition or translation of the Bible
Lots of duplicated readings, to be distributed in Rome. [I made less use of these than in the 2003 version of the course – this was almost all primary source excerpts printed off the Internet Medieval Sourcebook and its ancient sourcebook sibling.
Krautheimer, Richard. Rome: Profile of a City, 312-1308. Princeton Univ Press, 2000 [Next time I’ll try to use this as a textbook.]