What do you do if you own a million things?

The Met owns so much it has no where to hang it all!

The Met owns so much it has no where to hang it all! Sorry this is rotated. WordPress isn’t playing fair.

What do you do if you own a miilion things? by Michael Tinkler
What do you do if you own a miilion things?, a photo by Michael Tinkler on Flickr.

Professor Cowen was asking about the deadweight loss of stuff in storage in museums. Look at one way the Met tries to get around that. Suboptimal viewing experience – but they’re still up. This is the The Henry R. Luce Center for the Study of American Art, which they claim is everything that’s not up in the main galleries.

What has Madame Secretary wrought?

One of the few areas where U.S. foreign relations have not deteriorated seems to be North Korea, whose U.S. relations remain as terrible as they were in the Bush and Clinton eras.

Last June, a Pew Research Center study of global attitudes toward the U.S. found that they have worsened in pretty much every country except Japan. Approval of the Obama administration’s polices have dropped by double-digit margins everywhere in the world since 2009.

It’s all well and good for chummy senators to congratulate Secretary Clinton, their former colleague, on her accomplishments. It’s a lot harder to name any of them, let alone enough good ones to outweigh the bad.

I’m open to suggestions – but I’m not sanguine. 

Back in Upstate New York . . .

. . . and brrrrrr it’s cold! The temperature floated around 20 today, and there’s a dusting of snow (more on the way, I read). Classes don’t start until Wednesday, but I went into the office today so that Winter doesn’t get a jump on me. I chit chatted with the two or three folks who were around, got some stuff organized in my office, answered email, and came home.

I have a Wegmans marinated* pork tenderloin and a pile of brussel sprouts roasting in the oven – so I’ve got the jump on Winter instead of the other way round!

*mmmmm garlic-fennel. Talk about smelling good while it cooks!

Inauguration enthusiasm way down among the rich

If you can fly to DC in a private plane and park it (overnight or longer) you are rich – whether you own the plane outright or not.

Private plane parking at Dulles is expected to be down more than 50%.



“We expect about 300 private aircraft this inauguration,” says David Mould, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

“We have parking areas at Dulles Airport that will accommodate a number of aircraft, but when those begin to fill up, we will move them out onto the runway area that we have reserved for this purpose,” he says.

The western-most runway was set to close Thursday night. The airport’s three other runways will remain open.

The airport also closed a runway for Obama’s first inauguration. For that event, 700 private aircraft arrived, a record there.


And this is why private education is displacing government schools.

The strike that began Wednesday, which idled more than half of the city’s school buses and forced about 113,000 children to find new ways to school, was prompted by a fight over union jobs. But its true roots are in an attempt to reform one of the most inefficient transportation systems in the country, one that costs almost $7,000 a year for each passenger, an amount so high that many of those children could hire a livery cab for about the same price. By comparison with the next three largest school districts, Los Angeles spends about $3,200, Chicago about $5,000, and Miami, $1,000.

When even the New York Times gets it, unions are in trouble. And the bus drivers aren’t exactly a public service union (though I bet the SEIU would be happy to take ’em in).