Sobering Report from Lower Manhattan

6) I did not witness a single Red Cross Truck or FEMA Vehicle or in lower Manhattan. Recall the assistance these agencies provided after 9/11 – this is NOT HAPPENING. There are bound to be hundreds of elderly people, rich and poor, who live on the upper floors of buildings with elevators that are now disabled. IF POWER IS NOT RESTORED, THIS WILL MOVE FROM BEING AN ECONOMIC DISASTER TO A HUMANITARIAN DISASTER.

For everyone who thinks government does it better – go read the whole thing.

So when I woke up there wasn’t even any wind blowing…

Hmph – Syracuse University cancelled everything for today “in an abundance of caution.” I hope they’re a little embarrassed. We’re on:

Oct. 30 – 6:40 a.m.

The Colleges have confirmed that normal operations will resume today.

At this point, the entire campus has power and there is no damage to facilities.

As always, members of the Deans’ Offices, the Student Affairs staff and the Counseling Center are available to assist students at any time.

Body Art. BRRRRRR.

OK – earlier this evening I thought I broke the internet. It took about 10 restarts of the the modem and the router to get it back. In the meantime I actually went back to cable tv – and found the show of my dreams! Tattoo Nightmares on Spike…trying to cover or reconfigure really really really horrid tattoos.

Guy with a marijuana leaf on his wrist. Woman with a weird abstract city on her pelvic girdle [“it’s made me embarrassed to show my stomach and there aren’t any cute one piece swim suits out there!”]. Man with an ex GF’s name AND FACE on his shoulder.

Of course, laser removal is still an option!