Baylor School Semiotic Fail

I just dropped #1 Niece off for a day of camp at the Baylor School (we’re McCallie people, but McCallie doesn’t offer girls camps and GPS’s camps are too early for my sister to send her down here to the grandparents).

Baylor painted big red paws on the drive in to campus (shades of Clemson and Auburn).

However, if their mascot is supposed to be a predator, shouldn’t the paw prints be headed OUT the drive towards prey rather than IN, as though the big cat is slinking home?

Just wondering!

German over-reaction to a Swastika?

It’s not that I’m in favor of Nazis – let alone tattoos! But really, if a young Russian is in a metal band of COURSE he will have lots of tattoos. And then he becomes an opera singer . . . and the Bayreuth Festival doesn’t want him to sing because of the lamentable association between Wagner, his descendants, the Festival, and anti-semitism.

The article on CNN has no pictures, so I googled. Yes, Evgeny Nikitin has a lot of tattoos, but you have to go to the second page to see the swastika on his chest. It wouldn’t show in performance, but Bayreuth is queasy just that audiences would KNOW Nikitin has a swastika. Is that an overreaction?

Packing and thinking

There’s never a really good time to be away, somehow. I’m very much looking forward to not being department chair!

I’m off tomorrow to Gulf Shores, Alabama, to stay with childhood friends and then to my parents for 10 days. Tricky packing! Beach and Chattanooga. And I have to take various gifties brought back from Italy, some stuff from up here, etc. Oh, well. I can always buy more underwear there!