Placeholder for the Folkwang Museum

Sorry for the slowblogging, but I’vehave very limited wifi and am having trouble getting pictures off my camera And onto the iPad. But take it from me, the Folkwang Museum in Essen is a great collection — worth a detour, though not a trip on its own. Maybe a Rhineland Art Swing?

19th-21st C, very strong on expressionists and graphic arts (drawings and a major collection of German poster art). And the new building is splendid. More later — off to look at an Alvar Aalto symphony hall on the other side of the train station!



Rome has been a strain this time!
For the first time in a long time I am seeing Rome through the eyes of the desperate. Normally when it rains I stay home with my feet up — I know there will be another day! My colleagues on this study trip are in such a hurry to see all they can, and for good reason.
But it is unsettling to such a naturally lazy person as me. 3 museums in one day? Yikes!

I think I’m never flying from or through O’Hare again

I went something like 25 years without having a piece of luggage delayed; the last time was for a wedding in Houston sometime 4 or 5 years after graduating from Rice.

Twice this year I have had rain delays in Chicago that caused baggage to be late. The first time was when I was headed home from Spring Break. This time is more complicated. I ran down to West Tennessee for a family funeral. I flew down on Monday and back Tuesday (I had to skip out of the memorial service to make my flight).

Tomorrow midday I leave with a group of Hobart and William Smith faculty for a study trip to Rome – so I had already planned to spend the night in Syracuse at an airport hotel (especially since my flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:59).

My plan was to get here at midnight, sleep till 9 (to recover from all this), and leave. Now we’ll see if United gets my luggage here in time for me to change clothes before leaving for Rome.

I’m not really the kind of person who can cheerfully replace his wardrobe at short notice. But it might be an interesting learning experience for the other folks!

FURTHER: Hurrah, luggage! Now I can change clothes before leaving for Rome!

May Madness

Back to Geneva from Kalamazoo – need to call Mother – need to do laundry – need to re-pack for 3 weeks in Europe. There’s a whole lot of “what was I thinking?” going on right now.

further: and that was before I found out this afternoon (see, – need to call Mother – )that my father’s only brother died Saturday. Now add – get to and from West Tennessee before departure for Rome – to the mix.

Kalamazoo Blogger Meetup

Cheese’n’crackers and wine and blogging. I met a number of folks – Medieval History Geek and the blogging team at Vaulting and Vellum included. I’m pretty sure I’ve met Steven Muhlberger before, but he doesn’t remember me, so I guess not. Another Damn Medievalist and Lisa Carnell hosted (it’s important to know people with Resident Director apartments at their disposal). There were others whose URLS I didn’t catch – apologies! Leave a comment and I’ll link you! My blogroll is in perpetual flux.

Vote against all incumbents. Especially those over 75.

Lugar, 80, was the first Senate incumbent ousted this year and his defeat showed that the anti-Washington, small government Tea Party movement is alive and well.

What about the anti-ancient people movement? I mean, the man is 80 and this is the primary. He’d be 86 or maybe 87 at the end of his next term.

Oh YEAH I’m ageist. Mourdock is 60. That’s quite old enough to start a senate career.


Testing from the iPad

Just seeing how well this works. I’m about to make a short trip to Italy and perhaps Germany, and I’d like to make the trip with only the iPad!

So – how about keyboard cut and paste? Yes, here’s the link for our Center for Global Education.

Gesture cut and paste? Ok:
The mission of the Center for Global Education is to provide students with academically challenging study abroad experiences that foster an in-depth understanding of another culture, with the aim of encouraging them to embrace the concept of global citizenship. Being a responsible, effective citizen of the world involves assuming an active role in one’s own community and in the larger world; it requires an understanding of the relationship between actions made locally and globally and a commitment to the betterment of people’s lives everywhere. Through our rigorous study abroad programs and innovative on-campus predeparture and reentry programming, the Center for Global Education strives to provide students with a transformative learning experience that inspires them to live lives of consequence.

The thing that annoys me most about trying to WORK with the iPad is the impossibility of sending an attachment from inside the Mail app. I’m sure there’s a better solution than the workarounds I’ve seen out there!

I guess we’re lucky here at these Colleges

This is our presidential residence. I thought about posting this because I just read a story about housing for the president of Brandeis. Their current president will be the first one ever to live in the same town as the university — they generally have lived in Cambridge or Newton. It must be expensive housing a president in a place like the Boston metro area!

Students are sometimes surprised when I tell them this house wasn’t built for Hobart or Hobart and William Smith – we bought it. The first residence I know of is now Durfee House (currently Colleges Communications). I believe this house came into Hobart’s hands in the 1880s.

By the way, Funny coincidence! I took this picture 5 years ago this week — May 5, 2007.