A locally relevant metric: a wegmans

How big will the new facility be? “When completed in 2012, the e2e plant will be 183,000 square foot, a space about 50 percent larger than the Wegmans store in Ithaca.” And readers in the Finger Lakes say “Hmmm, pretty big!” This Geneva reader says “oh, someone’s finally going into the H.P. Neun space. I didn’t realize it was quite that small. Looks bigger from the highway.”

Why does tuition rise? Presidential salaries? Or student loans?

How about both uncontrolled costs and uncontrolled input?
Does the increased availability of (federally guaranteed) student loans fuel long-term tuition inflation? Some people disagree, but I, given my strong reliance on the humanity’s utter inability to limit the consequences of actions to their original intentions, don’t find it hard to believe at all.
Read this: The Student Aid ‘Myth’ Myth

Unearned advantage

The Republicans have an unearned advantage. Jon Corzine is a big ol’ D and is a big ol’ liar. He doesn’t know what happened to the money? Well, I read that under the Sarbanes-Oxley regime, that’s his job.
I typed “unearned” because plenty of the wicked are Republicans, however much Wall Street as a whole has given to Obama.
There was an alum talk on campus recently with an amusing title: How to Get (and Keep) a Job in Finance. It will be interesting to see if the general disgust with all this leads to any significant, even if temporary, drop in the number of Econ majors.

Leopards in Afghanistan?

Who knew? Turns out the Afghans thought the Persian Leopard was extinct, too, but here’s a picture of one caught in a camera trap from National Geographic.
My students often assume (and I do too, I suppose) that the modern range of animals is what we have to deal with. So they assume that lions in Assyrian art are not local – imported from Africa. That one I’ve read about — the last lion was shot in Turkey or Iraq sometime shortly before World War I. But leopards? Never knew!

Global Warming Sadists

Headteacher turns off the heat to show children how to save energy — on one of the coldest days of the year. They could wear as many jumpers as they liked, says the Headteacher, who thinks the day was a success.
Remember the no-pressures 10:10 exhortation? That was from the UK, too. Don’t click unless you’re ready to be disturbed by the eliminationist view of the true believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Evil headteacher via Professor Reynolds.

The archaeology of old Manhattan

There’s nothing like an abandoned well — a nice, bounced excavation where all the stuff people throw down there (and for some reason people just enjoy throwing things into water — why else would they donate quarters to their local mall fountains?) land in neatly organized strata. So now archaeologists are learning about the early water supply and household habits of residents of lower Manhattan.