Scientists infected people with syphilis and gonorrhea . . .

. . . in the late 1940s. In other words, knowing all about the Nazis they went ahead anyway.
By the way, I’m not the sort of person who puts the word scientists in the title of this blog post into scare quotes just because the scientists were mad scientists. I think that evil, mad scientist is a perfectly well-known role on the continuum of everyday researchers.
I mean look at contemporary American psychiatry! And if you don’t know what I mean, you aren’t reading Prof. Soltan regularly enough.

So trotting on in my German song theme . . .

Isn’t Ute Lemper just the best? Well, pretty close. Her Mack the Knife in German. And in English, kinda of a cheesy big Brit variety show version. And a medley of Allein, Lily Marlene, and Black Market.
Not to mention, but the girl can dance.
And my favorite translation of all…Neil Harmon and Ute Lemper sing the Tango Ballade. What a brutal song!
And, Brad, why didn’t I figure this out when we were young enough to play with these songs together?

Can you tell . . . ?

That she’s not a native speaker of English? I had forgotten that. And yes, Your Loving Arms is the song I think of fastest when Billy Ray Martin crosses my mind, but the Sortes iPodicae cast this one up tonight while I was grilling.
Funny how the language of the art song has shifted to English from 19th Century German. but what were Lieder but art-pop? And was singing them yourself around the piano so very different from re-mixes? “I just want to dance all the way right down to the core of the black and the white” (Systems of Silence) isn’t a bad line at all. I wonder what Schubert would have done with it?

It’s been a Lambalicious summer

Twice while I was home in Chattanooga I cooked lamb for Mama and Daddy (well, really for Daddy). And tonight I did a rack for a couple of friends and now feel guilty about underseasoning Daddy’s lamb. I went up to the balcony and got thyme and sage (and basil for the insalata caprese). Chopped them fine and rubbed them with salt and pepper and olive oil over the 8-rib rack. Cook to 140 and YUM.
Good sunset views off the balcony, too.

Sortes iPodicae

It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Radio Mix) – Whitney Houston – Superstars #1 Hits Remixed, 1999
Legacy – Pet Shop Boys – Yes, 2008
Aqua Boogie – Parliament – Tear The Roof Off, 1974-1980
Jamaica Ska – Desmond Dekker (with the Specials) – Israelites – The Best Of Desmond Dekker
Leavin’ – Shelby Lynne – I Am Shelby Lynne, 1999
Mack the Knife – Charlie Palmieri – Eddie Bauer Mambo, 2000
Holiday (Extended Mix) – Mad’s House – This Is Dance! 1980s
Sorry – The English Beat – Special Beat Service, 1982
I Want You – Marvin Gaye – Marvin Is 60: The Tribute Album
Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue – Dance Club 2000
Que Sera Sera – Pink Martini – Sympathique, 1997
Blame It On Cain – Elvis Costello – My Aim is True, 1977
Come Live With Me – Heaven 17 – Best Of Heaven 17
Shed – Macy Gray – The Id, 2001
Good mix for grilling chicken, enjoying the late evening sky, and starting what looks to be a grim Norwegian mystery (Jo Nesbo, Redbreast).