A Terrible indictment of our copyright regime

I can’t find a YouTube version of the Marching Owl Band (the MOB) performing this. If you can, please email a link (comments are NOT html friendly). Surely they’ve messed with it!
One of the many reasons I like this? I’ve had a refrigerator magnet for some time that says, only, this too shall pass.
And if you’d like to see the amazing Rube Goldberg version….click here.

Job descriptions

So having been to 2 cookouts yesterday and having invited people over on Friday I went to the office today and drafted a job description. I think we may have a position request approved in the early fall — and on top of everything else in my life next year I’ll be chair during a job search that I think is vital to my conception of the department. Yikes. Sigh. Hmmmm.
What I did was look at all the advertisements for tenure track searches from last year and plagiarized lifted useful phrases to explain who I’d like to work with for the next 20 years of my career.
We’ll see. Given the snarky responses, both here and on job-search wikis, to my last entries about a job search I might have to lie low…but you know, I think that candor is the best thing.

News of the Ick!

There’s no end of ick here.
City inspectors pass a pool that was so murky they didn’t spot the dead body in the deep end!
And the body was found by a couple who jumped the fence for a romantic late night swim!
And the newspaper interviews people who must have gone swimming in the pool while the body was there — and they’re still showering repeatedly!
File this one under “Future Law and Order Stories.”