The Crazy Nightmare that is Microsoft

So just as I started up Word to print a letter of recommendation, Microsoft Office wanted to update itself. I knew well enough to quit word and excel and other Microsoft products . . . but the update program eventually made me quit Microsoft Autoupdater, too! Why can’t it either quit itself OR run with the updater program running?


One of my many problems operating in the world of grown persons is believing that they aren’t all more cynical than I am. Just sayin’ that committee meetings sometimes leave me gasping. Can’t we start from a different ZERO?

Travel Annoyances

It’s not the TSA’s fault — it’s the architect.
So I bought a bottle of water in Chattanooga. I didn’t finish it on the flight and shoved it in my carry-on bag. At Reagan National I always have to pass in and out of secured areas just to change gates . . . no controlled security envelope there in Our Nation’s Capital. They pulled me aside for a truncheoning until I agreed to relinquish the remaining half-pint of water.
I almost got very snippy about bad design.
Oh – what could SOLVE this? Congressional folks flying THROUGH Reagan National rather than OUT of it. TSA funding would be threatened immediately!!

Back to Upstate NY today

Back to Geneva this evening.
My father is much improved — the trick will be to keep harassing him to get up and do something when he’d rather sit. I explained that he has to keep doing more than he wants to do so that eventually he’ll be able to keep doing what he wants to do. Whatever. I’ll be calling to check up.
I haven’t slept in my own bed a lot this calendar year and I am looking forward to doing a little of that!

Art and Advertising

I was going to link to and comment on a story about the Walton-sponsored Crystal Bridges museum of American art going up in Bentonville, AR — but about a third of the way through the article a popup advertisement from Mercedes Benz interrupted things. And when I clicked on the X in the upper right corner of the advertisement it opened a new web page.
So – let me comment. Google if you like. Alice Walton has instructed her director to invest more in contemporary art. That’s a bad idea for the contemporary art world – the inevitable distortion of all that money sloshing around will set values for living artists that their later work may not support. Not that all art hasn’t been contemporary sometime, and that distortions aren’t always happening at the top of the market — but that’s what I see coming.
Torino, Italia – Galleria dell’Arte Moderna.