I used to search for links for the links for these songs . . .

But I’m getting lazy. If you care, I’m sure you can find them.

Heaven- Talking Heads – Popular Favorites 1976-1983
Under Pressure – -David Bowie & Queen
Where Did Our Love Go? – Soft Cell
This Must Be The Place – Talking Heads- Popular Favorites 1976-1983
Say It’s Not Too Late – Matt Bianco Indigo, 1988
Alison – Elvis Costello – My Aim is True, 1977
Slave to Love – Roxy Music – Bryan Ferry
Romeo And Juliet – Dire Straits – Making Movies, 1980
The Menu – Jon Astley – The Compleat Angler, 1988
Hey Eugene – Pink Martini – Hey Eugene!, 2007
Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers
Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye – Marvin Is 60: The Tribute Album [Disc 1]
Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) – DJ Spiller/Sophie Ellis-Bextor
If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix – DJ-Kicks Erlend Øye
Save It For Later – The English Beat – Special Beat Service

Yes, it’s a melancholy mix….

The things iTunes delivers

So then I go to YouTube and discover that I have NEVER SEEN THE ORIGINAL VIDEO. You see, I’m in this weird intermediate generation. We didn’t have televisions in college (too much chicken wire in the plaster), let alone cable in every room, as our admissions folks assure us now is necessary.
So I missed several years of MTV. And then I lived off and on without a television in grad school. And today? Haven’t watched a music video on television in I don’t know when.
So that’s how I missed one of the favorite songs of my youth in its original video version – For all the world like an urban toreador / she has wheels on, on her feet.

Mark Twain

“When people ask me ‘did Mark Twain really mean it to take 100 years for this to come out’, I say ‘he was certainly a man who knew how to make people want to buy a book’,” Dr Hirst said.

Mark Twain autobiography to come out in November – 100 years after his death. No one suggests the most obvious reason for holding it back – no one is alive to deny his allegations!

One of the scary things about iTunes . . .

One of the scary things about iTunes is that you can see how long it’s been since you’ve listened to something. So I opened up a playlist tonight after dinner and found out that a favorite song — both in good and bad times — hasn’t come up since last October. Oh, my.
The playlist is called “Happy Songs, Bad Times” – mainly up tempo songs about being miserable. I compiled it a long time ago (and the first was Stephen Bishop, “Sinking in an Ocean of Tears”), but it is encouraging how long it’s been since I’ve listened straight through.
Is you is or is you ain’t my baby? – Dinah Washington (Rae & Christian Remix) – 10/24/09
No me llores más – Omara Portuondo – 2/17/10
Life During Wartime – Talking Heads – 2/20/10 – I saw them live in Houston in 1984 – but this is great!
Say It’s Not Too Late – Matt Bianco – 4/18/10 <--one of the best, tho not the best version of it Tears Of A Clown – The Beat – 12/16/09
Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes – Elvis Costello – 11/3/09
The Letter – Macy Gray – 2/17/10
Moving On Up – M People – 8/31/09 <--is Heather Small the least appreciated voice of the 90s? Sinking In An Ocean Of Tears - Stephen Bishop - 4/14/10 Another Nail In My Heart – Squeeze – 3/3/10
I Get A Kick Out Of You – Dinah Washington – 10/24/09
I Confess – The English Beat – 1/18/10
A Fine Romance – Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – 10/24/09
Broken Hearted Melody – Sarah Vaughan – 10/24/09
Love Foolosophy
– Jamiroquai, featuring Heidi Klum as the disdainful girlfriend – 10/24/09
Use Me – Bill Withers – 10/24/09 <–omigosh click and see – it’s a great version!