New calendars for a new year

No one gave me a calendar this year for Christmas (other than the free ones from charities my parents were shuffling off along with the boatload of compact umbrellas they received this year – an umbrella apiece for me, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my two nephews – and they still have several for their own use). The best part of buying your calendar in January is that they are on sale – and I decided on a calendar of Paul Klee paintings from the Phillips Collection in DC. It has a good mix of paintings I’ve never seen (January is Figure of the Oriental Theatre, 1934) and things I know and love (The Way to the Citadel, 1937). Flipping through last year’s calendar (Charles Rennie Mackintosh paintings, which I bought in part because they reminded me of a recent and happy visit to Glasgow) was a melancholy thing.
Time to move on.


School doesn’t start here until the 15th, so I’m trying to get some work done not related to classes. I’m finding myself wishing that I talked more like the way most academics write – my conference papers do not convert easily to sonorous academic prose. I write and talk pretty much the way I write here – too breezily. My learning, whatever weight it may have on its own, lies light on the page – or hangs out in the footnotes. I just wish there was a living to be made in adult ed.

Start the new year the way you want to continue . . .

Coffee – Check
Email – Check
NetNewsWire – Check
Chatting – Check
a little something looked up on the library catalog – Check – so I’m already working! Yay!
Country ham (thanks, John Sims!) and black eyed peas to come at lunch time, and the New Year will be well under way. The dog – luckily she hasn’t woken up yet. She’s started her new year the way she will continue; she got up, said good morning, changed spots, and went back to sleep.