Annoying laundry complaint

So I washed my new black sweater (thanks, Cate – I love it!) for the first time on Saturday. It had picked up some little spots of this and that across the semester. Our rendezvous Monday morning was at 9, and it was chilly enough for a sweater. I had cappuccino and a cornetto con ciocolato at a bar up on the Quirinale close to the rendezvous point. It wasn’t firm chocolate or creamy nutella – it was runny delicious chocolaty goodness which dribbled down my sweater front.

Alas – it’s in the wash again, and I’m sure it’s fading.

Sudden travel

I have to make a sudden trip South for a funeral. This is not a handy weekend for it, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 48 hours on the US Airways website. I must say its easy to navigate – the seat-choosing function is positively elegant!

Originally Rochester > Charlotte > Chattanooga.

Now, thank you Winter, Rochester > Boston > Charlotte > Chattanooga, and so much later-arriving in Chattanooga that the Tinklers won’t be at the visiting hours for Mr. Baker. We’ll still make the funeral Monday in Nashville, so long as US Airways holds up its side of the bargain!

Travel Day!

On my way to NoVa/DC for my sister’s retirement. Yes, my younger sister. 26 years in the Navy and she’s out! The ceremony is at the Pentagon tomorrow, then a party at her house. This will (to some extent) be a family gathering for something other than a wedding or a funeral!

Mount Vernon

Between bouts of uncling, I visited Mt Vernon for the first time in about 35 years. I listened to Ron Chernow’s Washington, a Life this fall, so I was well-prepared to see it this time. The book is long, but I recommend it. Washington really did want to be a farmer more than anything, and we wouldn’t leave him alone.