Blue sky!

The weather situation is much improved! The ground is so saturated, though, I’m afraid we’re still going to lose some trees. I saw one today on the way to the doctor with mother which had pulled up a big round root ball. It might have been the one that caused our short power outage last night.


So now I have both of my parents in separate hospitals. Luckily the two are less than 10 minutes apart on the same street – and the further one is about 15 minutes from home. I just need to get into a schedule!

So I’m standing in the kitchen this morning enjoying the fresh air coming in and I realize that my legs are warm. I touch the radiator. It’s hot. The thermostat was set at 75, and it was 70 outside.

further: Oh dear, I should have updated. Daddy’s been home since Friday, 6/21. Mama still has a few more days of inpatient rehab, but we’re already talking to them about her followup outpatient rehab – she should come home this Saturday.

Baylor School Semiotic Fail

I just dropped #1 Niece off for a day of camp at the Baylor School (we’re McCallie people, but McCallie doesn’t offer girls camps and GPS’s camps are too early for my sister to send her down here to the grandparents).

Baylor painted big red paws on the drive in to campus (shades of Clemson and Auburn).

However, if their mascot is supposed to be a predator, shouldn’t the paw prints be headed OUT the drive towards prey rather than IN, as though the big cat is slinking home?

Just wondering!