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Elderly Kitty

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I’ve been slow about uploading pictures lately – I just put up some on Flickr from my stay in Chattanooga last month.

Here’s Luc, 18 and still pushing people around, enjoying a shady moment on the back patio of my parents’ house – which was uncharacteristically uncluttered. When I was home last summer it was simply too hot to ever sit out there, but that was in August. This year, and in May, it was quite lovely – and I got a good signal from Mother’s wireless.

An AWWWWWWW moment

Talk about the melancholia of everyday life! Not only did I have to say goodbye to my entire nuclear family today, but for the first time in years I wasn’t greeted on my return to the Pulteney by a bouncing Airedale, delighted to see me and READY for a LONG walk.
Oh, well. I guess I understand why some folks get involved in rebound relationships a little better now.

In memoriam – Argyle, a good dog.

Argyle – a good dog. Picture taken July, 2007.
Everything was peaceful in the end. Our vet, the wonderful Dr. Barbara Kauffman, noticed a lump on her liver or spleen back in May. It became more clear as time passed and the lump grew that it was her spleen.
Argyle was twelve – there was no point in putting her through the risks and questionable benefits of surgery. We managed – she managed – until very recently. The precipitous weight loss started about 2 weeks ago. I’m glad that Jeff George, who got her from Airedale Rescue originally, was able to come see her last weekend – and I’m sure she recognized him. Argyle still held on, game old girl, and took a walk around the block this morning, even. She didn’t have enough urine to bother passing, though – her kidneys were shutting down.
So, this afternoon I said goodbye, along with my upstairs neighbor and chief deputy dog care person Sandy Van Cleef.
She had a good life and a peaceful death.


I think that this is the longest in a while that I’ve gone without downloading my audiobook of the month from Audible.com on the first day permitted – the 21st of each month (for me). It’s a combination of work and shorter dog-walks.
This month – Thomas Perry, Silence. I haven’t liked any of his post-Jane books as much as the Jane Whitefield ones, but he’s still pretty good. The Jane novels also have the hidden benefit of being regional – she’s a Seneca and I live on Seneca Lake, after all.
I haven’t read a novel in a long time when I wasn’t lying in bed. Life is hard.
Last month was my second Simon Winchester self-read books: A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906. He’s a good writer and a good reader – and the two are not common together. I really liked The Professor and the Madman, so I tried the geology book. Turns out that Winchester has a degree in geology!

Does the Placebo Effect work on DOGS?

Medical science never ceases to amaze me.
So chondroitin may not work. Fine.
But one of the doctors says: “If patients say that they benefit from chondroitin, I see no harm in encouraging them to continue taking it as long as they perceive a benefit.” In other words, let ’em placebify.
But what about the DAWG? Does that work for her? Believe me, I receive more annoyance from trying to make her take her glucosamine/chondroitin than I perceive benefit.

Weird Phenomena of Modern Living

I just walked in the door at 1.30. The TV was on but not doing anything. I mean that the picture from the Weather Channel was frozen. You see, I leave the TV or a radio on for the dog’s amusement (poor girl – she’s having to hang out in the crate when I’m away because of some housebreaking issues that were driving me nuts). So I change channels. Another still picture. And another still. And another.
So I fire up my browser to see if the cable modem is working. I’m having no problem creating this entry.
Modern life is sometimes very odd.

Week of firsts…

It’s a week of firsts, and it’s only half over. First flowers. First dog walk with rain (she HATES rain – would really rather hold it than go in the rain). First (and second!) grillings! Last night (Tuesday) I grilled marinated chicken thighs on the balcony. My neighbor, Sandy, had made salads (potato and green salads) and we ate on the balcony! Tonight isn’t quite so balmy, so I grilled my steak and brought it back downstairs to eat.
The grilled meat isn’t quite what I had this time last year in Argentina. I’ll live. I’m grateful for the better weather and a tank of propane.