Travel day

After European Studies 101: Geneva to Chattanooga for midterm break and Elderly Parent Patrol! I’ll also get to go to a family reunion for a branch of the tree I haven’t seen this way since I left Atlanta. The Crawfords used to have a pool party at the 4th of July, but about the time I moved up here they started having the annual reunion in the fall – and seldom on the same weekend as my midterm break. So, Mama and I are off to North Alabama tomorrow.

Travel day(s)

Yesterday was a planned travel day – Rochester to Chattanooga the long way. Today I hadn’t anticipated. Mother and I are headed down to North Alabama this afternoon for a family reunion tomorrow (I thought it was going to be a Sunday day trip). So no getting used to a bed yet, but I will get to have a meal or two with an aunt and uncle I haven’t seen much of for a long time.

Surface water

Though the next few days look to be lovely, there has been a LOT of rain in Upstate New York lately. Even when it’s not raining the ground is pretty squishy – good thing reunion was last week! I’ve made a mental note to try to round up some folks to go to Taughannock Falls sometime in June. After a few disappointing, downright trickly summers the big waterfall should be running well

All Packed. Ready to Go. The problem? It’s 5:18 a.m.

All packed. Ready to go. The problem? It’s 5:18 a.m. and the car service isn’t coming until 8. I’m getting worse and worse about sleeping before big travel days (even domestic travel). I had a truly horrific dream that woke me at 4:30 (late for my sister’s wedding!) and I didn’t get back to sleep. Grrr. Oh, well – travel day, and I’ll be back to Upstate New York this evening and sleeping in my own bed!

Back from Milano with a few hundred pictures to sort

We had three fun-filled days in Milano and got back last night around 9 pm. I’m still tired!

Probably the best thing for me was the contemporary art fair – MiArt. But I have been to Milan before, so I was mainly revisiting (though I spent more time in San Lorenzo than before – pictures to follow!).


A childhood friend who now lives in England is visiting Rome this week with her family. I met up with them yesterday afternoon; we took a walk, looked at some things, then had a long and splendid lunch. Very pleasant! Somehow, we took no pictures.

Things are looking up . . .

Flower 1


I’m feeling much better – I had a cold (I wish I could blame the tour of the Fori Imperiali, but I have spent too much time walking in the rain this semester to believe that!). Lots of sleep helped. And Friday I wore sunglasses for the first time this semester; not that there haven’t been some days when I could have used them, but I had gotten out of the habit of shoving the case into my bag. Yesterday my hyacinth (I guess) bloomed, too – one of those little things that makes a rental apartment in Rome feel like home.

Flower 2

Getting close . . .

I’m almost ready.

  1. Rent checks left with Sue in addressed and stamped envelopes. Check.
  2. Nyseg paid and all appliances unplugged. Check.*
  3. Time-Warner on Snow Bird suspension.
  4. AT&T contract on suspension.
  5. Everything but the laptop, my dopp kit, and the immediate necessities packed.

*though I have a funny feeling I left my clock-radio plugged in.