OMG – just came across a video I’ve been missing.

I kept looking for this – and suddenly, here it is! 1984, Rickie Lee Jones, The Real End. It’s not quite how I remember it, but it’s still marvelous.

I was remembering it as a single long shot – I didn’t remember how many cuts there are. Still a great example of a moving-down-the-street video. And what a voice! I saw Jones once live in Atlanta – was it at Chastain? Sounds likely!

further: I think she was partnered with Lyle Lovett the first time I saw him? The Large Band tour was without anyone else, I think.

70% less

I’m a little embarrassed – I should have done this earlier.

I switched last fall to using Apple TV instead of cable. Today, I finally got around to calling Time-Warner to have the TV service shut off, but to keep the internet and phone. I also mentioned the promotional price Verizon is offering for similar service right now. TW came back with a price $15 lower than that . . . and 70% lower than what I was paying. Wow – I’ve been throwing money down that well long enough!

I’m sure the promotional price won’t last more than a year – but I resolve to check up on it, this time.

Wow. Just wow.

Ok – AppleTV has brought me a good number of surprises so far. But tonight, a showery night with rain sounds outside, my “recommended for you” queue pulled up Brideshead Revisited. That music!

He told me and, on the instant, it was as though someone had switched off the wireless, and a voice that had been bawling in my ears, incessantly, fatuously, for days beyond number, had been suddenly cut short; an immense silence followed, empty at first, but gradually, as my outraged sense regained authority, full of a multitude of sweet and natural and long forgotten sounds: for he had spoken a name which was so familiar to me, a conjuror’s name of such ancient power, that, at its mere sound, the phantom of those haunted late years began to take flight.

I’ve been teaching the Church of the Holy Sepulcher this week in Early Medieval Art and Architecture, without ever explaining that I love Helena more than Krautheimer, even if Krautheimer is the background I teach out of.

I need to read the novel again before I start typing out quotations. “The women are still doing what they do before they come downstairs. Sloth has undone them – we’re away.”

S. Epatha Merkerson’s first appearance on Law and Order!

So I bought Apple TV and among my indulgences is going through Law and Order in chronological order.

S. Epatha Merkerson makes her first appearance in episode 17 of season one – “Mushrooms.” She’s not Lieutenant Anita Van Buren, but the hardworking mother of children killed in a minor-on-minor killing in service of – get this – an illiterate kid misreading the street address.


I watched Avatar for the first time last night. Cool effects. Stupid movie. Stupidest part? Unobtanium. James Cameron goes to the trouble of inventing a language with a 1,000 word vocabulary for his Big Blue Bipeds but he didn’t bother to come up with a better fake mineral to be stripped from their planet than Unobtanium?