The annual “omigosh that’s where I left it!”

I’m having that annual “Omigosh, that’s where I left it!” moment. It’s 55 degrees and overcast and I need to run downtown to drop off some dry cleaning and buy some coffee beans. I put on my leather jacket and THERE IT IS! A little box I bought in Rome that I figured I’d left in Rome, since it wasn’t in any of my suitcases.

Amazon and me

One of the least pleasant things about being abroad is being without Amazon Prime. So before I left Rome I went to my shopping cart and started hitting CHECKOUT. Luckily, I moderated my desires so that I only got about 5 boxes delivered while I was funeraling in Chattanooga. But my own kind of specialized life would be less possible without Mr. Bezos and his Prime shipping.

After a grey week a glorious Sunday

Upstate New York doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.

I walked down to the marina and back this afternoon. First, view back into the outlet of the Cayuga-Seneca Canal (the city Marina is just inside and to the left). Second, view out with the breakwater on the right.


Outlet in


Outlet out


I’m lucky – I’m a Ph.d. who ended up (lightening strike!) in a place I enjoy a lot of the time. Now if I could just get more than a single week off in March . . . .

Sleep disruption

So Sunday night I slept too little – I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 3, never to get back to sleep. Last night I went to bed at 10:30 (and it was work to stay up that late) and got out of bed at 8:05 (I’d gotten up in the night to go to the bathroom once). Both mornings I’ve been equally groggy and useless. UGH.

Christmas decoration at #13

Christmas decoration efficiency . . . the Presbyterian Church’s Wassail Bowl sale opened at 10 – I ran across at 9:57 and got into the (heated, thankfully) anteroom. They let us in at 10 and I zipped over to the wreath display, where I competed with upstairs neighbors and colleagues and colleagues’ spouses for the wreath of my choice. I think I liked the ribbon on Hazel Gunn’s even more than the one I got, but my door looks good.
Total time? 15 minutes!

Among other things, I really don’t get this weather

image by Michael Tinkler
image, a photo by Michael Tinkler on Flickr.

This was yesterday on the way home. Every year, the snowflakes show less and less on my hair . . . où sont les neiges d’antan?

We seem to have dodged the snowpocalypse – the weather maps are all much re-designed.

This morning the temperature is 32.2 degrees but the snow is falling steadily. I think it’s accumulating where there was already snow, but sidewalks and streets are staying clear (if slushy). I don’t have to go outside until later, when I need to walk a sick friend’s dog.