Christmas decoration at #13

Christmas decoration efficiency . . . the Presbyterian Church’s Wassail Bowl sale opened at 10 – I ran across at 9:57 and got into the (heated, thankfully) anteroom. They let us in at 10 and I zipped over to the wreath display, where I competed with upstairs neighbors and colleagues and colleagues’ spouses for the wreath of my choice. I think I liked the ribbon on Hazel Gunn’s even more than the one I got, but my door looks good.
Total time? 15 minutes!

Among other things, I really don’t get this weather

image by Michael Tinkler
image, a photo by Michael Tinkler on Flickr.

This was yesterday on the way home. Every year, the snowflakes show less and less on my hair . . . où sont les neiges d’antan?

We seem to have dodged the snowpocalypse – the weather maps are all much re-designed.

This morning the temperature is 32.2 degrees but the snow is falling steadily. I think it’s accumulating where there was already snow, but sidewalks and streets are staying clear (if slushy). I don’t have to go outside until later, when I need to walk a sick friend’s dog.

What a grey, grim Saturday!

Mid-40s and overcast all day – but the rain all the weather folk predicted hasn’t shown up yet.

I started the day at a Board of Trustees session on our curricular review and reform. Somehow I got assigned 5 minutes to explain the current curriculum. I only took about 6. Of course, when I do it for a first year seminar, I spend about half an hour the first day and lots of little chunks thereafter. Still, I’m pleased with how the committee-from-purgatory has rounded out – and we already have one volunteer to run for the 5 open faculty positions on the Committee for Curricular Review and Reform.

The rest of the day – grey.