Sudden travel

I have to make a sudden trip South for a funeral. This is not a handy weekend for it, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 48 hours on the US Airways website. I must say its easy to navigate – the seat-choosing function is positively elegant!

Originally Rochester > Charlotte > Chattanooga.

Now, thank you Winter, Rochester > Boston > Charlotte > Chattanooga, and so much later-arriving in Chattanooga that the Tinklers won’t be at the visiting hours for Mr. Baker. We’ll still make the funeral Monday in Nashville, so long as US Airways holds up its side of the bargain!

Jesse Jackson (D-Mayo Clinic) resigns

This should be fun! No mid-term appointment!

 “It is with great sadness that we learned of Congressman Jackson’s decision to submit his resignation,” Pelosi said in a statement. “His service in Congress was marked by his eloquent advocacy for his constituents’ views and interests.”


The timing of Jackson’s resignation means he will not be sworn in for the new term beginning in January. A special election will be held for his seat.

First Frost

I was standing here at the kitchen counter (yes, I’ve gone to using a stand-up arrangement for my computers both here and at Houghton House) when I heard an awful racket outside. It sounded like someone in the parking lot was sawing pipe. I stepped to the kitchen window to see a neighbor scraping her frosty car windows. Summer is over!

Massachusetts can do what it wants

But we don’t have to be nice about it.
The Massachusetts legislature can change laws back and forth about how they want folks appointed to dead senator’s seats to suit their governors (can’t let Republicans appoint them, can allow Democrats to do so).
But the rest of us get to mock them.
Mickey Kaus offers a specific memory about the boot-licking Kennedy apparatchik the governor just appointed. With citations. Let’s not pretend. This 71 year old is a place holder – the only serious question is for whom. Patrick? How soon would he need to move home from Rhode Island to establish residency? Joe III (or whatever number he is)? I think he’s damaged goods – but then I’m not a local who’ll pull the lever for anyone with a K at the first of his name (oh dear – Senator Kirk might actually be able to get ELECTED if someone isn’t careful!!).
And people think places like Memphis and New Orleans are corrupt!