Corbusier and Mussolini – Big-M Modernism and Fascism (the Real Thing)

This isn’t just Fascism-the-adjective-that-means-something-BAD. This is an example of architectural authoritarianism.

Corbusier was pestering Mussolini with designs for Addis Ababa three months after the conquest. That’s eager collaboration!

The link goes to a fascinating case study at Failed Architecture that discusses how eager European architects were to treat Addis Ababa as a blank slate – even though it had been the capital city of an empire since 1889 and was a real city.

Perhaps one should file this under War Crime Trials: Architects?

How much paper DOES each Senator use?

The Senate’s secret handbook of procedures revealed!

And “each Senator receives annual paper allowances for blank paper, letterhead paper and envelopes” based on population with a formula of “one and one-third sheets of blank paper per adult constituent.” Thus the Illinois senators each receive 11,605,333 sheets of blank paper; the West Virginia senators receive only 1,874,667.

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Where are all those polls of historians about presidential rankings?

Remember what an world-class awful president George W. Bush was? American historians and political scientists eagerly published polls that proved he ranks with Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan.

Somehow, I haven’t seen any recent rankings of Obama.  Cowards.

There are going to be some very interesting actual histories written of the first decades of the 21st century, but it will take a long while for honesty to set in.

Kim Jong Un reaches Neronian standards – he goes for family.

North Korea can get worse – and it probably will.

“As our Party detected and purged the anti-Party, counterrevolutionary factionalists at an opportune time and with a correct decision, the Party and revolutionary ranks were further consolidated and our single-hearted unity was solidified to the maximum,” Kim said, according to the text of the speech carried by North Korean state media.


Good enough for government work – 95% uptime

The administration is bragging about 95% uptime for Good enough for government work.

“It sounds good, because people think, ‘Oh, 95 percent, that’s an ‘A’ when I went to school,” Justin Noll, director of client experience at, which monitors website availability, told the Washington Examiner. “From a technology standpoint, that’s not good.”

. . .

Jason Abate, founder of the website-monitoring firm Panopta, said he would give failing grades to retailers who don’t achieve at least 99.9 percent uptime.

Abate provided the Examiner with Panopta’s running tally of the uptimes of over 130 major retailers from Jan. 1 through Nov. 30 of this year.

The lowest recorded was 98.1 percent for women’s clothing retailer Ann Taylor’s website. But 33 of the sites were at 100 percent and all but three had uptimes of at least 99 percent.

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Sounds like suffered from high self-esteem

For that day and the next, CGI staff huddled with government officials in the semicircular conference room at the headquarters of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency overseeing the project. They combed through 15 pages of spreadsheets they had brought, which spelled out the company’s level of confidence — high, medium or low — that individual components would be ready.

Nothing like positive thinking!

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