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I'm an associate professor of the history of art and architecture at a small liberal arts college in Upstate New York.

I’ll be glad…

…when this set of fronts gets past us. The up and down is getting to my sinuses – which gets to my lungs!

Yesterday was quite pretty after the early morning. I took a home-to-the-marina-and-back walk and enjoyed a warm breeze (I swear!) off the Lake. I stopped and bought a cup of coffee and a scone on my way through downtown, so I stopped and enjoyed those on a bench about a third of the way along.

Today? It certainly feels chillier, even though it’s 50 degrees. The wind is a lot nippier and the sky has been mainly overcast. The occasional breaks help.

Egg freezing ?

Generally, fertility doctors are among the highest-paid employees at private universities. Yet if pay for performance (as in live births) were the metric by which they were paid there would be much smaller pools of capital available.

I think we can assume that Wired is not a pro-life outlet. So this is a pessimistic view of the possibilities for freezing eggs to postpone pregnancy from a technophiliac point of view.