Wow – I have to pack a tie

I’m going home to Chattanooga for the holidays and I have to take a tie.

Why is that unusual? Well, for 20 years or so I never took a tie to Chattanooga – I counted on my father’s collection, and often took the ties back home with me. But now I have all of Daddy’s ties – the John Tinkler Neckwear Collection (there are actually some cravats in there, too!).

So, I have to pack a couple of ties to visit Mama.

File it under Life Stages.

Early Islamic Art

One of the first efforts in my course on Islamic art and architecture is to convince the students that figurative art is not prohibited in Islam. I make them chant “at some times, in some regions, and in some contexts figurative art was prohibited.” Maybe it sinks in.

One of the most luscious examples of early wall painting has recently been restored – the walls and ceilings of a fortress-palace from the early 8th century, Qusayr’Amra. Go look!

Wow – this seems like a parody of campus sensitivity

Columbia University is going to allow law students to petition to postpone their exams if they are “sufficiently impaired” by their feelings about the recent grand jury decisions in racially charged cases. But it’s not.

I would think that students sufficiently involved in activism who are also attending law school out to be charged up with a passion to change things.

Guess not.